With our flexible fringe benefits service that enable companies to make choices in line with their employees’ needs, we increase employees’ loyalty and commitment to the company and play a major role in increasing employee motivation and happiness. Thanks to flexible fringe benefits that also form a competitive advantage for your company, we contribute to your company’s reputation and support your department of human resources for you to become the preferred company to work for.


Customer-Oriented Service
Uninterrupted customer service is the foundation of our success. A dedicated team will serve you 24/7 concerning the risks related to your IBS insurance policy, and will support you at every stage of the insurance process, such as organizing the insurance program, receiving offers, preparing comparative presentations on insurance options, underwriting and damage organization.
Expert Professionals
Our experienced team of professionals evaluates all the risks you have and offers you customized and innovative insurance and risk management solutions for all areas of your business. We access local and international insurance markets to offer our in-depth knowledge of insurance and reinsurance with comprehensive insurance coverage and competitive premium costs tailored to suit our customers' needs.
Competitive Offers
We offer comprehensive insurance programs designed to suit your company's changing needs with the most appropriate insurance premium cost options. Our experienced team of professionals conducts risk analysis of your business and researches the most appropriate cost options for you in local and international markets.
Long Term Relationship
The key to our success at IBS is the long-term and reliable relationships we build with our clients. Our experienced team of professionals, who provide one-on-one or on-site service for you, works to turn this relationship into loyalty.
Comprehensive Claims Consultacy
Our experienced team of professionals is fully committed to the success of our clients and providing the best service for all your risk and damage processes for long-term sustainable success rather than short-term business goals.
Access to Global Insurance Markets
In addition to the exceptionally wide UIB global service network, IBS provides risk analysis and consultancy services in fields of insurance and reinsurance in more than 120 countries with UNIBA and EURIBRON network memberships.


Health Insurance
It is an insurance that covers the expenses arising from inpatient care or inpatient and outpatient care as a result of any accident or illness of the insured. It can be organized as an individual or group policy.
Life Insurance
It is a type of insurance that is made for the financial protection of the family of the insured and all the remaining beneficiaries against the risk of loss of life. It is possible to organize it with additional coverage for disabilities, major illnesses, etc. in various kinds of payment models such as annual, periodic and reimbursed. It can be organized as an individual or group policy.
Individual Pension System
It is an investment system that is created as a complementary system to the existing social security system based on voluntary savings, which enables the savings to be directed to investment and has recently been supported by state subsidies. It is possible to formulate special solutions by organizing it as individual and “employer-contributed” groups, whose conditions will be partially determined by companies, or volunteer groups.
Personal Accident Insurance
It is a type of insurance that provides indemnity payment to the beneficiaries or legal rights holders in line with specified limits, in case of an accidental death or permanent disability of the insured or the insured’s relatives.
Unemployment Insurance
It is a type of insurance that secures the payments of permanent employees by means of various terms and guarantees in case they become unemployed against their own will.
Travel Health Insurance
It is a type of insurance that protects emergency medical aid costs, travel risks such as illness, accident and loss of luggage that may arise as a result of an accident or sudden illness during domestic or international travels, with various alternative coverage limits and conditions.


Sevtap Orhan

Vice President of Employee Benefits
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