In the face of employer liability lawsuits that are becoming increasingly common in the business world, IBS Liability Insurance configurates special insurance and reinsurance programs in order for you to know your risks and to protect your financial status against potential claims from your employees, customers and other third parties.

Our experienced IBS team is always by your side to identify these risks clearly and elects the most appropriate insurance programs designed to protect your company’s financial status in such situations.


Customer-Oriented Service
Uninterrupted customer service is the foundation of our success. A dedicated team will serve you 24/7 concerning the risks related to your IBS insurance policy, and will support you at every stage of the insurance process, such as organizing the insurance program, receiving offers, preparing comparative presentations on insurance options, underwriting and damage organization.
Expert Professionals
Our experienced team of professionals evaluates all the risks you have and offers you customized and innovative insurance and risk management solutions for all areas of your business. We access local and international insurance markets to offer our in-depth knowledge of insurance and reinsurance with comprehensive insurance coverage and competitive premium costs tailored to suit our customers' needs.
Competitive Offers
We offer comprehensive insurance programs designed to suit your company's changing needs with the most appropriate insurance premium cost options. Our experienced team of professionals conducts risk analysis of your business and researches the most appropriate cost options for you in local and international markets.
Long Term Relationship
The key to our success at IBS is the long-term and reliable relationships we build with our clients. Our experienced team of professionals, who provide one-on-one or on-site service for you, works to turn this relationship into loyalty.
Comprehensive Claims Consultacy
Our experienced team of professionals is fully committed to the success of our clients and providing the best service for all your risk and damage processes for long-term sustainable success rather than short-term business goals.
Access to Global Insurance Markets
In addition to the exceptionally wide UIB global service network, IBS provides risk analysis and consultancy services in fields of insurance and reinsurance in more than 120 countries with UNIBA and EURIBRON network memberships.


Third Party Liability Insurance
With this insurance, due to the death, injury or illness of third parties, loss and damage (material damage and loss) in the goods belonging to third parties, as a result of an event that occur while the insured is performing his activity, the insured is provided with the amount determined in this policy within the framework of the provisions of the legislation of the Republic of Turkey on legal liability against the consequences of claims for loss and damage by third parties.
Product Liability Insurance
It compensates the bodily and material damages that the insured is legally liable to pay as a result of the damages incurred by the third parties during the use of the goods produced.
Product Warranty Insurance
This insurance provides coverage for the liabilties that may arise on behalf of the insured due to the fact that the product subject to insurance cannot provide the expected efficiency. In addition to the indemnity that the insured has to pay, the indirect damage of the person using the product, expenses such as repair, renewal, replacement are also covered by the policy.
Management Liability Insurance
Management Liability Insurance provides coverage for the indemnity claims and the defense costs related to lawsuits arising from the claims of the members of the board of directors of the company and its subsidiaries, managers and company employees acting as managers or supervisors, for damages caused by mistakes or negligence they may make while performing their duties.
Product Recall Insurance
This type of insurance provides coverage to manufacturers of final, intermediate products, and importers of consumer, commercial and industrial products in case the product causes or threatens to cause bodily or material damage, covering the costs to be incurred for the recovery of these products.
Physician Financial Liability Insurance
It is a type of insurance that provides assurance against the indemnity claims made to the physicians, dentists and specialists working in public or private health institutions and organizations, depending on the damages they may cause while performing their professional activities, and the litigation expenses and interest to be determined in connection with this claim.
Professional Liability Insurance
It is a type of insurance that provides protection for professionals such as doctors, dentists, engineers, architects, etc. against legal indemnities that they have to pay due to the damage they may cause to third parties as a result of their inadequate and/or faulty actions during their professional activities.
Decennial Liability Insurance
This type of insurance, which is legally required in France and similar countries, demanded from the contractors by the employer, compensates for the expenses encountered as a result of the collapse of the partially or completely constructed structure. The risks that occur within 10 years following the completion of the construction are taken as collateral.
Environmental Pollution Liability Insurance
In addition to making certain that an enterprise’s facility or facilities are insured against new environmental pollution risks with environmental pollution liability insurance, this insurance also provides coverage against environmental risks that may arise from pollution caused by pre-existing conditions if requested.
Liability Insurance for Dangerous Goods
This type of insurance provides compensation, within the limits in the policy, for material and bodily damages incurred by the third parties who are engaged in the production, storage, transportation, sale and use of all kinds of flammable, combustible, explosive and caustic substances in the form of natural or synthetic, solid, liquid or gas, and for material and bodily damages incurred by the third parties who are engaged in the collection, transportation, temporary and interim storage, recovery, reuse and disposal of the hazardous wastes within the scope of the Environmental Law No. 2872 dated 9/8/1983, whether they are faulty or not.



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