The international trade volume is constantly growing, and parallelly, the losses that may occur during the transportation of the traded goods can directly affect the commercial activities negatively. Thanks to our cooperation with UIB, we offer international solutions and consultancy services in shipping insurances.
Our experienced and professional team provides services at international standards with comprehensive shipping insurance solutions.


Customer-Oriented Service
Uninterrupted customer service is the foundation of our success. A dedicated team will serve you 24/7 concerning the risks related to your IBS insurance policy, and will support you at every stage of the insurance process, such as organizing the insurance program, receiving offers, preparing comparative presentations on insurance options, underwriting and damage organization.
Expert Professionals
Our experienced team of professionals evaluates all the risks you have and offers you customized and innovative insurance and risk management solutions for all areas of your business. We access local and international insurance markets to offer our in-depth knowledge of insurance and reinsurance with comprehensive insurance coverage and competitive premium costs tailored to suit our customers' needs.
Competitive Offers
We offer comprehensive insurance programs designed to suit your company's changing needs with the most appropriate insurance premium cost options. Our experienced team of professionals conducts risk analysis of your business and researches the most appropriate cost options for you in local and international markets.
Long Term Relationship
The key to our success at IBS is the long-term and reliable relationships we build with our clients. Our experienced team of professionals, who provide one-on-one or on-site service for you, works to turn this relationship into loyalty.
Comprehensive Claims Consultacy
Our experienced team of professionals is fully committed to the success of our clients and providing the best service for all your risk and damage processes for long-term sustainable success rather than short-term business goals.
Access to Global Insurance Markets
In addition to the exceptionally wide UIB global service network, IBS provides risk analysis and consultancy services in fields of insurance and reinsurance in more than 120 countries with UNIBA and EURIBRON network memberships.


General Cargo
It is the insurance that covers for the damages and losses that may be incurred during the transportation of the commodity (goods) from one place to another by air, land, sea and/or railway. There are 3 basic types available:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage
    • Except for the exceptions in general and special conditions, it includes the guarantees that can be given against all risks that the transported goods may face from the station of departure until they reach the destination.
    • Broad coverage; it is given under the name of Institute Cargo Clauses (A) or All Risk in land and seaway, and under the name of Institute Cargo Clauses (Air) in airlines.
  1. It covers for the damage to the transported goods as a result of an accident of the vehicle of transport. Although this coverage is cited with different names depending on the type of vehicle of transportation, the coverage does not change. If a good is transported by land, this guarantee is called ‘Truck Clause’, in case of transport by rail, this guarantee is called ‘Railroad Clause’, and in maritime, this guarantee is called ‘Institute Cargo Clause (C)’ or FPA (Free Particular Avarage). It is not possible to insure the transports made by air with a narrow guarantee.
  2. As a result of an accident, the vehicle (trailer, train, plane or ship) carrying the goods and the actual and absolute loss of the goods that is the subject of insurance is under guarantee.
Project Cargo Shipping
This insurance covers the risks that large, heavy or critical equipment may be exposed to during domestic and international transportation. Disassembly and reassembly of these parts for shipping are also covered. The loss of income or additional costs that may occur as a result of the delay in the start of the project, due to the risks that may occur during shipping, are covered by Marine Cargo Delay in Start Up.
Warehouse Liability
In Warehouse Liability Insurance, related to the custody and control of the goods left to the third party by the insured due to the storage activities carried out in the warehouses of the insured; liabilities that may be imposed on the warehouseman due to physical damage that may occur during relocation, stacking, loading and unloading in the warehouse are guaranteed.
Shipping Subscription
The Shipping Subscription Policy, also known as the open-cover policy, automatically guarantees all the deliveries made within the framework of the coverage limit, condition, price and time agreed by the insurer and the insured, regardless of whether or not the loading notice is made on time.
Stock Throughputs
Stock Throughput is a comprehensive coverage that covers a product from the production process to its delivery to the final consumer with a single policy.
Boat Hull and Machinery Insurance
The Boat Hull and Machinery Insurance insures the hull, machinery and equipment of the boat against risks such as grounding, sinking, collision, which may occur during the voyage, at the port, while anchored or during repair and maintenance. In addition, explosion, fire, severe weather conditions, loading and unloading of cargo are also covered by this policy.
Boat Builders Insurance

With Boat Builders Insurance, all construction risks are covered within the insurance period.

The main risks covered are;

  • Costs of repair and replacement of the defective part due to hidden defect (provided that it is revealed within the insurance period)
  • Risks during laying and construction
  • Risks during launch
  • Trial voyages (within 250 nautical miles)
  • Liabilities to third parties
Yacht Insurance
With Yacht Insurance, commercial or private pleasure boats are insured on land, at sea or on the boatyard within the conditions specified in the Yacht Insurance Policy.

The main risks covered by the insurance are;

  • Risks such as submersion, stranding, conflict etc. in navigable waters
  • Theft, fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake at sea or on land
  • Contact with shoreside and port facilities, damage caused by contact with land/air vehicles or damage caused by the objects falling from them
  • Debris removal costs
  • Damages to other boats, third parties or their property.
Terminal Operator Liability Insurance
Terminal Operator Liability Insurance provides coverage for damages that may be incurred by the sea vehicles, equipment and 3rd party goods in the port related to port operation activities during berthing, handling of cargo, loading, unloading, and for damages that may be incurred by third parties or their goods due to sea vehicles left at the port and litigation costs related to these damages.



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