IBS, by providing international solutions for shipping, communication, defense industry, heavy industry and similar comprehensive risks for many years, thanks to its long-standing cooperation with UIB, provides risk-specific consultancy services on damage and risk control issues, and works to provide a comprehensive protection against all risks that may occur. Our experienced team offers solutions suitable for your sector by taking into account all your risks, and thanks to our wide global network, we provide services not only in Turkey but also in any part of the world.


Customer-Oriented Service
Uninterrupted customer service is the foundation of our success. A dedicated team will serve you 24/7 concerning the risks related to your IBS insurance policy, and will support you at every stage of the insurance process, such as organizing the insurance program, receiving offers, preparing comparative presentations on insurance options, underwriting and damage organization.
Expert Professionals
Our experienced team of professionals evaluates all the risks you have and offers you customized and innovative insurance and risk management solutions for all areas of your business. We access local and international insurance markets to offer our in-depth knowledge of insurance and reinsurance with comprehensive insurance coverage and competitive premium costs tailored to suit our customers' needs.
Competitive Offers
We offer comprehensive insurance programs designed to suit your company's changing needs with the most appropriate insurance premium cost options. Our experienced team of professionals conducts risk analysis of your business and researches the most appropriate cost options for you in local and international markets.
Long Term Relationship
The key to our success at IBS is the long-term and reliable relationships we build with our clients. Our experienced team of professionals, who provide one-on-one or on-site service for you, works to turn this relationship into loyalty.
Comprehensive Claims Consultacy
Our experienced team of professionals is fully committed to the success of our clients and providing the best service for all your risk and damage processes for long-term sustainable success rather than short-term business goals.
Access to Global Insurance Markets
In addition to the exceptionally wide UIB global service network, IBS provides risk analysis and consultancy services in fields of insurance and reinsurance in more than 120 countries with UNIBA and EURIBRON network memberships.


Sabotage and Terrorism Insurance
In order to prevent or reduce the effects of terrorist acts and sabotage events arising from the former, incurred damages due to the interventions made by the authorized bodies on the insured goods are provided with a coverage.
Fire, Physical Damage All Risk Insurance
Building, fixtures and commodities, fire, lightning, explosion, theft, flood and flood, terrorism, strike, lockout, malicious acts, internal water, storm, landslide, vehicle collision, snow weight, safe theft and fire, fire explosion provides coverage against financial liability, glass breakage, and earthquake risks.
Commodity Subscription Insurance
Fire Subscription Insurance is a suggested coverage if there are large periodic changes in the goods and commodities in places such as workplaces, factories or warehouses. The policy is issued according to the highest insurance amount that may occur during the periods. The values in the policy are updated by the notice of the stock price of the insured goods and commodities that show variation every 3 months. Thus, while the premium is paid as much as the amount in stocks, coverage is provided up to the maximum insurance amount specified in the policy against possible damages during periods of change in the cost of goods.
Fire-Related Profit Loss Insurance
In case of material damages that may occur as a result of fire or other covered risks, loss of production capacity or loss of business, decrease in turnover, increase in expenses and such losses are covered by Loss of Profit Insurance within the indemnity period specified in the policy.


Çiğdem Erol

Special Project and Placement President
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