As one of the leading investment centers for international trade, “United Kingdom PLC” offers many opportunities for overseas businesses.

In one of the largest and most complex insurance industries in the world, UIB corporate and commercial expert insurance consultants will support your business and protect your international assets and liabilities by means of the UK office UIB.

The IBS Financial Insurance and Special Projects Unit works closely with other UIB departments to provide support, advice and guidance regarding United Kingdom and international insurances.

The unit has a client base with distributed business activities and insurance requirements. Its aim is to provide effective and competitive solutions to clients’ insurance needs for specific and diversified risks.


Customer Service
The IBS Financial Insurance and Specialty Risks team has long focused on providing optimum personalized service and support to our clients. Long-term customer relationships are built on exceptional quality and responsive service, expert advice, regular communication and complete integrity, while ensuring the value provided to our customers. Our main responsibility is to be open and honest in all our dealings.
Our Commitment
We promise to our Corporate and Commercial clients a personalized service from a dedicated team that understands the complexity and requirements of international risk programs. The extensiveness of coverage, quality of documentation, competitive premium, legal requirements and risk management experts are among the reasons why our clients entrust their insurance and reinsurance needs to us.
Our Market Experience
We provide our clients with access to a dynamic and competitive international insurance market, enabling them to benefit globally from potential diversities in insurance premium costs. The IBS Financial Insurance and Specialty Risks Team has extensive knowledge and experience in providing the best coverage.
Independent and Private Equity
As a private equity and an independent world-leading insurance and reinsurance Lloyd’s broker, UIB provides unbiased information and up-to-date advice. Our commitment to providing a proactive in-house claim management and policy is fundamental for us to provide the highest quality of service to our customers.
Fast and Effective Solution
The IBS Financial Insurances and Special Risks Team provides fast and effective solutions, enabling us to offer personalized solutions in accordance with client needs, profiles and strategic goals. Our clients benefit from easy access to our highly responsive experts and their wealth of knowledge to respond to their most demanding requirements with no delay.
Superior Damage Service
Our experienced claims team has extensive experience in handling complex claims. All requests are managed by our expert team circle in London and none of our claim services rely on an outsource. We provide a thorough service that covers all aspects of the process, from original notification to claim payment.


Bankers Blanket Bonds
It insures direct financial losses incurred by a bank through robbery, theft, fraud and fraud by employees and/or third parties.
Professional Indemnity
This type of insurance covers for the legal liabilities and indemnities for the damages the third parties suffered as a result of employees’ wrong actions or negligence, without malicious intent, in the course of their professional activities.
Directors & Officers Liability Insurance
Directors & Officers Liability Insurances are designed to respond to personal claims that may come from third parties who have suffered losses within the scope of the liabilities of the members of the board of directors and company executives arising from the laws and articles of association. Executives may receive requests for faulty acts and damages from many different channels (creditors, shareholders, public institutions, regulatory & supervisory authorities, employees, etc.). Especially Turkish Commercial Code (Article 553-376), Tax Procedure Law, Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law, Law on Collection Procedure of Public Receivables, Capital Market Law and many articles of law refer to the personal liabilities of the members of the board of directors and company executives. Insurance policies, without reference to a specific law, cover the personal liabilities of the executives arising from the damage caused by their unintentional faulty actions.
Electronic Computer Crime
It is a complementary coverage to the Bankers Blanket Bonds. It provides coverage for electronic theft and fraud crimes through the use of a bank’s computer system by unidentified employees and/or third parties.
Trade Credit Insurance

Within the scope of credit limits determined by the insurer for buyers, open account sales made up to 120 days in the country and up to 180 days abroad, excluding cash and bank guarantees, are covered.

Trade Credit Insurance provides assurance against two types of risks:

Commercial Risk

  • Bankruptcy
  • Late payment

Political Risk (Only valid for export trade credit insurance)

  • War, embargo
  • Risk of no funds
  • Public buyer’s non-payment risk
  • In case of disagreement between the buyer and the seller, the guarantee is suspended until the problem is resolved.
Cyber Risks
It is a product offered to act in response to an exposure to cyber risks occured from potential risks of data leakage and negligence.
Credit Cards (Plastic Cards)
It is a service offered for indemnity claims that may arise as a result of illegal transactions made with debit cards and credit cards given by banks.



Doğan Zorlu

Assistant General Manager for Placement and Operations
T: +90-212-272 45 72 (189)