Euribron was established in 1994 to enable the clients of some of the main insurance brokers in Europe to benefit from the high level of service they receive in their own country, at the same quality level and standards in international markets and platforms. This member network, drawing on various expertise and local knowledge, provides professional service to international clients. Euribron’s philosophy is to seamlessly combine the highest standards of local and personal services with international competence and capacity.

As the demand for international insurance continues to grow, Euribron has become the leading international network of independent insurance brokers in parallel with the continual growth of its memberships and partnerships around the world. Euribron maintains relations through 20 members encompassing 29 countries: Central and South America, Middle East, Far East, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. It has a total of 14 members in 25 countries in Europe, 4 members in 2 countries in North America, 1 member in China and 1 member in the Middle East.

IBS Insurance and Reinsurance Brokerage Inc. has been a member of Euribron since January 2000.